How to contact us

If MS is on your mind, you can have a confidential chat to Alistair the Group Lead Support Volunteer by ringing 0191 386 0006. If he is not around,  you can leave a message. You can also email him on

Or please write to  MS Society North Durham, c/o 39 The Orchard, Pity Me, DURHAM, DH1 5DA marking the envelope "CONFIDENTIAL - SUPPORT"

For more comprehensive advice you can ring the free national Helpline on 0808 800 8000, Monday to Friday or anytime by email at

They provide up-to-date information on symptoms, diagnosis, treatments, health and social care, benefits, employment rights, discrimination, research.


Tel 0191 386 0006



The society has a huge range of free publications on all topics. You can find these in four ways:

  1. You can browse, order or download publications online by going to

  2. If you are not online please ring the MS Shop on 020 8438 0999

  3. From Alistair on 0191 386  0006 or email

  4. The national Helpline 0808 800 8000 or email

Financial help

We give grants to people affected by MS (who have less than £16000 of  accessible savings)  who need adaptations or equipment. This is for items where statutory funding is not available. In fact this is still one of the main objectives of our group and we wish to encourage anyone who is in need of help or information to ring us and leave messages on our group information line 0191 386 0006. Or contact the national MS Society grants team on 0300 500 8084 or by email


Practical and Emotional Help

Living with MS isn't always easy - whether you're coping with a diagnosis or have lived with it for some time. We can help you find out about dealing with your diagnosis, telling people you have MS and getting help by providing a much need confidential listening ear.

We give signposting help in a range of areas, including signposting you to get vital assistance with:

  • benefits and money

  • work and MS

  • care

  • insurance

  • short breaks and respite

  • home adaptations

  • wheelchairs and scooters

  • information for families and carers

  • information for people severely affected by MS.

For more help please contact Alistair at  ring 0191 386 0006