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Scam SMS omicron message

We have been made aware by the York MS the group that there is an SMS scam going around. It says you been in contact with someone with Covid and you need to click on the link in order to apply for a PCR test for which there is a delivery charge of 99p.

It will look authentic as they have fronted the message with a number that is familiar to you to make it look as if it is from one of your main contacts e.g. GP. (I once received messages from the nationwide fraud department on their official number but it was a scam.)

This is a scam. For starters, PCR tests are not required. Secondly, the link to an official looking site will probably ask you for your personal and banking details so they can take the 99p!

Whatever you do, do not click on the link and delete the SMS message.

If you want more details go to this webpage:

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