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Moving More at home with MS


It can be hard to stay active when you have MS. But there are ways to move more and stay healthy.

Contact our MS Helpline about moving more by calling 0808 800 8000 or emailing

Happily you will see we are resuming face-to-face activities (Yoga and Dance).

However you can still access Activities videos on the MS national website by clicking on the following links:-

Please be aware:

The online sessions are not tailored to any specific needs

The online sessions are designed for guidance, motivation and educational purpose only

No information should be taken as medical or professional health advice

You should assess the activity and determine if it is appropriate for you

You are responsible for ensuring you have appropriate space, support and facilities as needed

You are responsible for ensuring that any equipment you use for the activity is suitable and sufficient

Moving More at home with MS: Event
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