Houston we have a problem

As a trusted charitable organization covering the North Durham area, we have tried to provide assistance to people affected by MS.

However, we have been hit with a triple whammy:-

  1. Covid has resulted in a significant drop in Group Income

  2. We have lost a number of our small band of volunteers.

  3. Over the past few years we have arranged many events/activities with a poor response

​Your coordinating with are seriously concerned about the viability of our group.

So the question is what do you as a person with MS want from your local MS Society Group? And are you able to give some time to volunteer to make things happen?

We’re looking for people to join us in the following exciting roles:-

  • Group Coordinator - to lead the future direction of the Group

  • Admin Volunteer – Correspondence- mail shots - taking notes

  • Fundraising volunteer – to develop and organise and run fundraisers in a post-covid world

  • Activities Volunteer – to organise events from online pub quizzes to Yoga

​ We have improved our communication (both online and via newsletters) oer the last ten years

. But now we’d love to hear from  you:-

  • What you think we are doing right (if anything)?

  • What you think we are doing wrong?

  • How we can improve the offer for local people affected by MS? 

  • Most importantly, whether you are able to help us make things happen by giving some volunteering time casually?

Member or not please do write to or email me confidentially to tell us what you think:

Alistair.crisp@groups.mssociety.org.uk, Mob: 07746 734 811.

We really do want to hear from you warts and all. 

Please respond to us by Friday 28th May.